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Dubai City View


FEBRUARY 20-26, 2023


Why not start 2023 off with the best trip of your life?!

Join Curate Life in Dubai for a grand time. Many of us know Dubai to symbolize doing it big because that's the energy it transcends across the globe. Home to state-of-the-art architecture, glitzy nightlife, expensive cars, and the largest shopping mall, it's filled with next level experiences you don't want to miss. During your Days in Dubai you will get to tour the city and enjoy fun sand adventures like ATV and camel riding through the desert. You'll also take off in the fastest elevator in the world at the Burj Khalifa - known as the tallest building in the word, parlay on a yacht while taking in the best views of Dubai, experience the most talked about nightlife, and  partake in some of the most delicious cuisine the city has to offer! Trust us when we say, this is the trip you don’t want to miss.

where you'll spend your DAYS:

We mentioned doing it BIG right? You'll be staying in a 5-star hotel in Downtown Dubai! Each room is designed to comfortably accommodate 2 people with one King or two Double beds. You'll also be able to enjoy a private balcony that gives you the feeling peace, relaxation, & LUXURY! 

On top of that, the hotel offers:

- Amazing views of the city and Burj Khalifa

- Two infinity pools at the top of the 75 story building

- Signature culinary concepts featuring authentic Italian food and a contemporary steakhouse

- Roooftop nightlife bar & lounge

and so much more..

how you'll spend your DAYS:



We never start our trips off without some fun and a warm greeting! Once all flights have touched down and everyone is settled in, we will get together for a Dubai style meet and greet fully equipped with food, good music, smooth drinks, and great vibes. We want our travelers to get to know each other, break the ice a little bit, and start the vibes off right. After all, we’re spending the week together and ya’ll know by the end of the trip we are all family right?!

(Light Dinner Included) 



We will take a full day to tour the city of Abu Dhabi with a professional guide and visit a number of world famous tourist attractions. You’ll get an up close look at beautiful architectural structures and landmarks like the Jumeirah Etihad towers that you may have seen featured in ‘Fast and Furious 7’. Not only that, but we’ll visit the Grand mosque of Abu Dhabi, a beautiful site well worthy of a visit. Make sure you pack your Abaya ladies and your Dishdasha men!

(Breakfast Included)



You better be ready for fun on this day because we promise you it’s full of it! Get buckled in for a super fast-paced quad ride and desert safari. You will also get to give dune bashing a try, take a camel ride, partake in henna painting, AND hookah if that’s your thing. Did we mention a full dance show and an amazing traditional dinner is also included?!

(Breakfast & Dinner Included)



We hope you aren’t afraid of heights, and if you are, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone. We’re going all the way to the top, visiting the world’s highest observatory at the Burj Khalifa. Then we'll bring back the fun on a yacht, enjoying the warm sun, cool waters, and beautiful beach. It’s like a lit chill day, but heavy on the lit part ::wink wink::. Stay tuned for our color scheme, y'all know we have to do it up for the gram!  

(Breakfast & Dinner Included)



“Alexa, play 'Party like a Rockstar by Da Shop Boys'”. Ok, it’s for sure not 2008 anymore, but we will definitely live like rockstars. You can enjoy a free day to yourself - maybe you want to go shopping, book another tour, try your hand at Sky Diving, reserve a spa day, or just chill in the hotel. However you want to spend your day, it’s on you. Once nightfall hits, it's time to get lit. In the words of Kevin Hart, “It’s. About. To go. Down!”. We’re going out to enjoy Dubai’s nightlife and we guarantee you a great time. 

(Breakfast Included)





After a very fun night out, we’ll take it easy during the day. Sort of but not really. We’ll enjoy the most lit day party in Dubai together because it’s our last day. Don’t cry, we will make the most of it. GO BIG or GO HOME!  When night falls we’ll partake in our last and final themed dinner together and prepare to say our goodbyes for departures the next day. Semi-formal theme will be announced closer to take off. 

(Breakfast, Brunch, & Dinner Included)

It’s so hard to say goodbye but it’s more like we’ll see you later because we know you’ll be on the next trip! Depending upon when your flight departs, take some time to enjoy your morning, grab some delicious breakfast, and take in those final views. 

(Breakfast Included) 

who You'll enjoy your DAYS with:

Choose from our Days in Dubai "Exclusive" and "Premier" packages. Each package has been curated specifically with our travelers in mind, whether you want to go all out & live it up with every extravagant detail covered OR scale it back just a smidge. Both experiences will ensure you have the time of your life. 


Double Occupancy - $2370 per person

Single Occupancy - $3072 per person

Security Deposit - $300 

Activities included

- Meet & Greet

- Private Yacht experience

- Dubai & Abu Dhabi City Tour

- ATV, Sandboarding, & Desert Safari

- Burj Khalifa Tower, At the Top Observation

- VIP Experience Day Party

Final Dinner


Double Occupancy - $2064 per person

Single Occupancy - $2760 per person

Security Deposit - $300 

Activities included

- Meet & Greet

- Private Yacht experience

- Dubai & Abu Dhabi City Tour

- ATV, Sandboarding, & Desert Safari

Final Dinner

Our packages are available for be set up on a monthly payment plan. After reserving your spot, your payment dates would follow the below schedule. Your plan will start on the 1st of the month following your registration.


AUGUST 1, 2022


OCTOBER 1, 2022

NOVEMBER 1, 2022

DECEMBER 1, 2022

JANUARY 1, 2023