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Curate Life, LLC was established in February 2018 by our founders and professional travel enthusiasts: Rhyan Williams, Jamia Scranton, and Kristyn Owens. These three women came together to channel their passion for traveling into a business that will give others the opportunity to see the world from the adventurous vantage point. Having flown many miles to experience various cultures, cuisines, and views, our founders thought it necessary to curate those same experiences for the masses. 


Curate Life is a traveling company that offers curated domestic & international trips. Our curators research and develop each individual itinerary for the selected locations, ensuring quality accommodations, exhilarating activities and ample time for exploration. With our curated group experiences, we aim to alleviate any planning stress and allow travelers the opportunity to focus solely on the fruitfulness of travel with other like-minded people. In addition, Curate Life also offers personalized curated trips for travelers seeking to embark on their own individual adventures. 


The goal of this company is to provide each client with new experiences that will broaden their horizons, teach them about other cultures, allow for self discovery, networking and elevation of life through travel. 

MEET THE Founders

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The most fulfilling part about traveling the world and seeing things people only dream of, is actually "taking off" in the airplane to my next destination. It's the beginning of a new adventure, the beginning of a new journey. My passion is to create opportunities for others to share what I have experienced while exploring different cultures, countries and meeting new people along the way.

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Traveling gives me that happy, toe wiggling feeling you get when eating good food, coupled with the freedom you experience when jumping out of a plane, and adding in the warm sensation you get from being with someone you love. Curate Life gives me the platform to help others know exactly what this feels like, all wrapped up together.



Introduced to travel at a very young age, I’ve always had dreams of flying the beautiful skies to cool places. Being able to visit cities that I’ve only dreamed of is nothing short of fulfilling and now I want to share that gift with everyone.

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