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Peace Of Bali

NOVEMBER 5-12, 2023

There’s nothing more exciting than looking forward to going on vacation, especially one full of peace, tranquility, and a little fun. Well, maybe this vacation will be more than a little fun. Come spend a week with Curate Life in Bali, Indonesia.


This trip will start in the uplands area of Bali, known as Ubud, which is celebrated for its rainforests, sight worthy temples and famous landscapes. We will venture to waterfalls, watch the sunset together and even wind down our bodies with yoga.


After we have fully immersed ourselves in the peaceful culture, we’ll transition to a different location in Bali’s Southern end. Seminyak gives luxury beach vibes, with the best restaurants and shorelines to view. We have planned the best water adventures in Seminyak that will bring your energy up and we’ll have more than a little fun together at an exclusive day party. Do not be the friend sitting at home watching our IG story, wishing you came with us. Register now, and we promise you won’t regret it! 

Part One:



Our first day in Bali will be lowkey, but it wouldn’t be a Curate Life trip if we didn’t take the time to meet everyone and have a drink with you. After arriving and checking-in to your luxury hotel room, we will have our infamous Meet & Greet. You will not only meet your travel family for the week, but you’ll meet the owners of Curate Life as well. We do our Meet & Greets right, so you will enjoy a few drinks and light eats on us. 


Want to explore our first city in Bali? We will tour Ubud together, making stops at all the best sites. Love a good opportunity to take all your Instagram photos? This will be a great day to snap as many photos as you’d like. And since we know you are probably going to ask, YES, the famous Bali Swing is included. 


We’re singing, “Rain down on me,” in our best SWV voices! It’s waterfall day. We will adventure to the best waterfalls Bali has to offer. We have covered the list and carefully curated this tour to make sure we are visiting the best hot spots. After seeing the most glorious water sites, we will end the day with a sunset dinner that will include traditional Bali entertainment and more than a little fun.  


Remember we mentioned yoga? We will start our morning off with our best poses in an early morning yoga session. This will peacefully end our stay in Ubud, then we will set forth towards Seminyak. Once we arrive and check into our new hotel, you will have the day to yourself to do whatever it is you please. 


Part Two:

Now that we are in a beach city, it’s time to swim and snorkel. We will spend the day on a private island tour visiting a range of beaches and bays, and carefully exploring them under the sea. You’ll have the opportunity to snorkel at these different locations and take photos of both land and underwater. We hope you get to see tropical fish, and more. This adventure includes lunch, so you’ll be set to spend the day with us.



It’s Friday! Are you ready for this one…we’re going white water rafting!!! Don’t worry, we’ll have expert adventure guides with us the entire time, as we paddle along the river and venture upon the native waters. After encountering more waterfalls and white-water landscapes, we’ll enjoy a traditional Indonesian lunch at a nearby restaurant!


Take the day to do as you please, with a free day. Want to get shopping done? Today is the day. Have a few things on your list that we did not do? Take time today to do it. At night, we will come together for our final dinner. We’ve selected the best restaurant with delicious food and perfect scenery. And you already know we love a coordinated activity, so we will be best dressed together. 



It’s so hard to say goodbye, but this day we must depart. Airport transportation will be ready to take you to the airport in time to catch your departing flight. This goodbye won’t last forever though, and we’ll see you on the next Curate Life adventure


We mentioned peace & tranquility right? Both of our 5-star hotel accommodations offer nothing short of that!

Each location will include rooms designed to comfortably accommodate 2 people with one King or two Double beds. 

For the second portion of our trip, we will transition to the seaside of Bali. Our second hotel is the epitome of luxury that offers breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean and tropical gardens. 


Our first part of the stay will be in a hotel amidst rice fields, a rushing river and thriving cultural sites. You'll have the opportunity to take in the beauty of the nearby rainforest, which is unmatched.